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How To Dominate Local Markets is the latest brand from the Anthony Sarno toolbox. He brings a uniquely practical yet aggressive combination of sales, marketing, commercial software and business intelligence experience to the ever-changing world of internet marketing for new customer development.

Our primary position in the internet marketing landscape stems from a long history of creating go-to-market positioning systems and programs designed to focus our clients operations, marketing and sales efforts toward efficiency and effectiveness. The backbone of our philosophy begins with the end: the bottom line.

Focus on the clients bottom line by increasing revenues while reducing costs. This is a proven, well-received mantra for conducting business in all business climates from mom and pop shops to big business.

We authored and executed structured software architecture and acquisition methodologies for industry leading companies on the strength of a collaborative approach for opening and closing business to both mid- and senior-level management.  Improvements blossomed from Bellcore, to Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, American Family Insurance, IBM and ED  in the  B2B success at the C level.

Today, we further refine this mindset by helping our clients to differentiate themselves with unique value selling propositions, executing integrated marketing processes, resulting in inbound lead generation programs.  In a specialized world, partnerships yield the best results at the lowest cost. How To Dominate Local Markets recommends and deploys essential marketing solutions known to be best of breed with the highest payback, lowest cost and greatest degree of efficiency.

Simply put, we are integration specialists! We specialize in driving traffic using every creative technology tool at our disposal to create the best quality lead possible. Business-to-customer advertising these days makes many promises; few advertising schemes expect to deliver on those promises. This reality is how and why we are different, distancing ourselves from the competition. We can prove the value of our solutions enabling us to keep our vision in mind and accomplish our goals with every client.

Our value marketing services allow our customers using our proven solutions to even the playing field. Thus, we afford any small business the same competitive zest as bigger budget companies because we are creative, aggressive, bold and productive. And why not? The tactics, strategies and technology we leverage maintain industry best practices. Subsequently, our solutions are scalable for any size operation from a one man practice to a billion dollar company. Anyone can succeed utilizing our methods for finding new customers.

Our Mission

It is our mission to plug in proven, researched techniques and technologies in pursuit of the perfect lead. A high quality lead is a complex, cross-cultural, and comprehensive network search for individual decision makers ready to buy right now. We customize each individual clients brand identity regardless of vertical industry to distinguish each customer in a busy marketplace. By assertively getting you noticed, we will continually prove that you were right for choosing us as your  digital marketing agency partner. 

We are all about rankings, traffic, leads and sales. With vision, determination and a history of innovation, our organization can prove that the whole far exceeds the sum of its parts in any economy, globally to locally, for any business large or small. 

Our Values

Integrity, Value, Innovation and ROI

Digital Marketing Agency

Integrity is what we stand for. We make a promise to our clients that our proven marketing solutions pay for themselves, knowing many of our competitors make empty promises and shamelessly take money from naive and sometimes jaded clients, while hiding behind intentional deceptions about themselves and the industry collectively. To them, our performance is a rebuttal to the con game. Our response is a form of justice attempting to set the record straight in some small measure. Further, we encourage anyone seeking the truth about universal claims of superior lead generation with the use of internet marketing to Try us and see.

Digital Marketing Agency

Our philosophy, staff and subcontractors have a blind passion for value. We are compelled to sell on value, price with value, and deliver with extraordinary value because we can. Its really that simple. Over the years we have developed proprietary software to explicitly identify and meaningfully clarify the value of any client product or service offer measuring economic value through quantifying roles and activities. We use our own value proposition technology, a proprietary development over the past 12 years which few companies in the world can say they have to, prove the value of our internet marketing offers and the profitability they create for our clients.

Digital Marketing Agency

Innovation has been the primary engine behind our progressive marketing systems. Our present approach takes full advantage of what we were able to accomplish in the past. We have demonstrated foundational knowledge of platforms and the power of their full connectivity. Internet marketing benefits from the same insights and motivations as the sale and delivery of value-based tools 10 years ago.

Organizational effectiveness can be improved through a rearrangement of the relationships between the parts and the whole, allowing for more accurate assessments by decision makers. We began to assess methods that assume and take into consideration new interconnectivity of high performing platforms for comparison.

Internet marketing follows the same path using robust platforms, experimenting with websites, text, articles, blogging, social media, search engine optimization, local search engines, branding and a host of other components to make one heck of a lead generation process. Nowadays, even innovation has evolved. It isnt just what we do; it is what some of our partners do to change the rules of engagement, forcing us to be more imaginative, dynamic and exciting.

Digital Marketing Agency

ROI (Return On Investment)
From humble origins as Lead Product Developer with a staff of 10 programmers and system testers deploying field force administration system, our emphasis shifted to data warehouse architecture, project management and business development. The advent of ROI data warehousing led to a new category of analytical applications in business intelligence, executing ROI processes that quantified the total cost of ownership and benefits for multi-million dollar enterprise reporting solutions, ultimately creating ROI models for finance, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries.

ROI analysis revolutionized the sales process, generating the ability to uncover hidden value in business-to-business consultative solution selling engagements involving expensive and often disparate good and services. Communicating ROI became a critical breakthrough for over 40 companies worldwide. These savvy companies realized a significant boost in revenues enabling them to launch new products and establish new categories with our unique approach to communicating the value of their technology.

Today, the same philosophy: increased revenues, reduced costs. We offer unique Internet marketing partnerships, fully integrated traffic strategies, short and long term campaigns. Our vision is to offer the best combination of price, planning, strategy and execution in the industry. When we consider our packages, we maintain the vision that the whole is dependent upon harmonious integration of all the parts. Characteristics for each component makes an extraordinary individual contribution to the whole.

It is for this reason that the whole far exceeds the sum of its parts, and why our customers have experienced a 10-to-1 return on investment utilizing our internet marketing systems.

Our Promise

We stay on top of the latest changes to make certain your website has the proper combination of unique content that will get your business on the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. More importantly, our proven marketing solutions pay for themselves. 

For a detailed business case from us at How to Dominate Local Markets, please call 973-309-7131 or send us an email at

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