Work Your Funnel Backwards

Work the Funnel Backwards – a Sales Modeling Tool.

It is simple enough to quickly model your revenue processes (sales, website conversions, email marketing and more).  We use this tool in our sales effectiveness consulting practice to project and measure value creation.

Create scenarios to:

  • Improve your sales process for high returns
  • Develop behind the napkin calculations to work with lean start-up principals
  • Eliminate low value or unlikely options
  • Build consensus around a financial model for your project


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Sales and Marketing Metrics

The exercise requires your to objectively estimate or measure how your current processes are performing.  If you are missing data you should start capturing it as soon as possible.  If you are not measuring you will not be in a position to manage changes that create value.   


How to Works  – Model Revenue Process Improvements

Request an assessment and we will enter your customer acquisition stages and historic results to estimate the current effectiveness of your processes (Business As Usual). Then you can enter your revenue goals to see how your process will need to operate to do meet your goals.  You will identify realistic incremental changes you can make to meet your goals.

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