A lot of companies are using a technique known as remarketing to send ads to specific groups of consumers that have visited a particular site before. As a result, a brand can increase its sales conversions by reaching out to these types of potential customers that have showed an interest in a particular site. Since 96% of the website visitors do not buy anything in a website, according to Google, businesses can take advantage of remarketing techniques so as to get something out of them. Since remarketing has a low cost per acquisition, a company can move their potential customers faster through any type of sales cycle and at a lower cost.
Tips to Design the Right Remarketing Campaign

Google Display Network

The GDN or Google Display Network will allow you to send remarketing banners to anyone who has visited your site before, therefore increasing your conversions over time. The GDN can be an effective form of banner advertising that can easily convert any website visitor into a customer.

Remarketing Package

Install and Generate Remarketing Script

Generating the remarketing script that will be in your site is the first step towards the creation of a remarketing campaign. Therefore, go to the left-hand menu of your Adwords account and click on Target Audiences, and then click on the Audiences link so as to generate your remarketing script. Add the script to the bottom of every one of your website´s pages right before the closing body tag.

Ad Group and Campaign Creation

Select Display Network and then Remarketing. Fill out campaign name and budget fields according to your budget. Create your ad group for the remarketing campaign.

Driving Traffic

To drive the most traffic to your site, we spread every campaign through a wide range of channels. To catch your customers where they are likely to be, we use many channels such as video ads, Facebook, banners and display ads. You can get the most out of your remarketing campaign by spreading your ads across multiple channels, especially mobile devices. can help you to extend your content and save time too.

Setup Target Audiences

We create the audiences you want to target with static banners, text ads or animated banners which will be based on general or specific URLs that users have visited on the website.

Banner Creation

We create customer graphics for your banners.  Optionally, we create animated customer banners in your Google remarketing campaign.Since animated banners allow you to add eye-catching relevant information, you will be able to generate a greater return on investment.  To get the most out of your banners, we include the following data: product imagery, brand logo and ID, price, key selling points, USPs and a visual button. In addition, your banners target specific audiences.


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