Digital Marketing Agency

How to Dominate Local Markets is a full service digital marketing agency.

We help businesses grow with proven marketing solutions that pay for themselves.

Our Value Proposition

We help businesses succeed by making it easy for their customers to see and believe the unique value of their solutions, from first touch through sales closure

Our Mission

Our mission is to level the playing field, so everyone can realize their vision by following our proven Value road map to discover their strongest marketing position and their optimized path to profitability.


We identify the strategies, projects, software requirements and purchases with the greatest impact (net cost reduction and/or revenue increases) relative to investment costs, with the fastest payback, and the least amount of risk.


We use our own REAL ROI™, developed over 15 years, to prove the value of our marketing solutions and measure the profitability they create for our clients.


When differentiation is at the heart of your strategy, you are rewarded with more sales at higher margins.

Intangibles are priceless!

Quantifying intangible benefits is priceless but they are difficult to identify – which is why we invented the REAL ROI™- taught at the University of Wisconsin

Dominate Your Niche Market

Linking your differentiating features to what your customer needs to create value, establishes a market position so strong it separates you from the rest of the pack.

And amazing things happen when you focus on your key capabilities that create REAL customer value.


Today, the same philosophy – to use value and differentiation to win more sales at higher margins is accomplished with – REAL ROI Branding™

REAL ROI Branding™ is the first step in transforming into a “customer centric” organization. Templates and online education guides those who know their value to document their unique, differentiating features and key branding attributes.

Our company is located in Kearny, NJ, and our growing team works from anywhere and everywhere to create value for every client. Of course, we use REAL ROI to guide the company forward.


Our Promise

We stay on top of the latest changes to make certain your website has the proper combination of unique content that will get your business on the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. More importantly, our proven marketing solutions pay for themselves. 

For a detailed business case from us at How to Dominate Local Markets, please call 973-309-7131 or send us an email at

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Our Values

Integration, Value And Innovation

Our philosophy, staff and subcontractors have a blind passion for value. We are compelled to sell on value, price with value, and deliver with extraordinary value because we can. Its really that simple. Over the years we have developed proprietary software to explicitly identify and meaningfully clarify the value of any client product or service offer measuring economic value through quantifying roles and activities. We use our own value proposition technology, a proprietary development over the past 12 years which few companies in the world can say they have to, prove the value of our internet marketing offers and the profitability they create for our clients.

Fresh Idea 40

Innovation has been the primary engine behind our progressive marketing systems. Our present approach takes full advantage of what we were able to accomplish in the past. We have demonstrated foundational knowledge of platforms and the power of their full connectivity. Internet marketing benefits from the same insights and motivations as the sale and delivery of value-based tools 10 years ago.

Organizational effectiveness can be improved through a rearrangement of the relationships between the parts and the whole, allowing for more accurate assessments by decision makers. We began to assess methods that assume and take into consideration new interconnectivity of high performing platforms for comparison.

Internet marketing follows the same path using robust platforms, experimenting with websites, text, articles, blogging, social media, search engine optimization, local search engines, branding and a host of other components to make one heck of a lead generation process. Nowadays, even innovation has evolved. It isnt just what we do; it is what some of our partners do to change the rules of engagement, forcing us to be more imaginative, dynamic and exciting.

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