Social Wi-Fi

WiFi Marketing and WiFi Monetization

How to Dominate Local Markets is proud to announce its free public WiFi monetization, promotion and advertising platform. Improve customer engagement, understand your customers better and promote your brand. Monetize WiFi and earn money.
Solution suitable for all brands & places.

WiFi Marketing

Promote your brand, enhance customer engagement, increase loyalty and sales. Market to your customers, deliver valuable content relevant to your business and your customers’ needs.

WiFi Monetization

Become a member of our Media Network, open your WiFi to advertisers and start making money. Customers will get free ad-sponsored WiFi and advertisers will deliver content tailored to your customers’ interests.


1 Customer Connect to your WiFi
Safe and Secure. No Password needed.

2 Guest Sees Braded Login Screen

Promote your brand. Customize your message!

step 2
step 3

3 Guests Log in Via Social or Email

Guests are directred to your Welcome or promotion page.  Optionally you can direct them to “like” your Facebook page.


4 You gain contacts, Ad Revenue and customer insight!

From this moment you can see data about your WiFi users. You can send  promotions, coupons, surveys and newsletters via email or text messaging.

step 5

Password Reset
Please enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password via e-mail.