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Google My Business Video Booster Upgrade Package On Time Offer $1,000 OFF

The Goggle My Business Video Booster includes 4 engaging videos that are optimized and uploaded to your YouTube and Google my business listing.

This is mission critical to get on or stay on top of the Map! Which is why we are upgrading our existing clients with the Google My Business Video Booster package.

And because time is of the essence and to ensure we keep them the top of their maps we have over staffed up and purchased extra server power.

Our mistake is your gain because – we are offering you this complete profession package one time only reduced by $1,000.

Get the first mover advantage one in your market by letting us deliver engaging video content so fully optimized it takes advantage of the latest google changes including LSI keywords and semantic markup . The engaging content will help you stand apart from your competitors. The powerful search engine optimize, which took years to perfect, will keep you on top.

The Google My Business Video Booster is a trifecta that ties YouTube, Your website and your Google my business listing to create a multiplier effect on your local ranking, website visitor and YouTube rankings.

Here is what is included:

  • 4 more voice over videos
  • professionals YouTube keyword and competitive analysis using the best tools
  • Create optimize title, description and tags to make your videos search engine friendly,
  • Identify the right YouTube tags to increase your videos search results
  • geocode them to attract local traffic
  • Manually create semantic code to reflect your products or services – to spark the Google my business listing
  • upload them to YouTube.

Take advantage of this extra  ordinary service at the best price–if you can even find an agency who can do all the parts of this package.The optimization alone is worth the price

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To make this easy for you we are including a special bonus video!

we will create an additional high quality video form one of your customers review Click here to see one (pop up lightplayer)

Our Guarantee

If you execute the GMB Video blaster service and fail to to get a 20% increase in visitors in 120 days we will l continue to optimize your GMB until you do. This is is easy to track right in GMB Insights.


How much will your income go up as a result of the increased number of website visitors interested in your product or service? How many visitors have to convert to sales to payback your investment? 

If you don’t take advantage of Google’s changes and your competitors do -you will have to play “catch up” which is must more costly, difficult and risky.

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